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"Training with Margo at MargosPT is amazing.  She knows just how to get the best out of me - to push me when I think I can't, but to ease up when she knows I have no more.  Her Paradigm Action 12 week program has given me amazing results in a very short time.  Within weeks I could see the changes, more muscle tone, weight dropping off, clothes that were too tight fitting perfectly (then quickly getting too big!!).  I love the adrenaline feeling during and after working out. 

My mindset has improved beyond what I thought possible.  I'm setting and achieving goals in all areas of my life, my outlook is far more positive than before and I can attack everyday tasks easily.  Thanks Margo - for my great body and fantastic mindset and outlook on life.  I know it would not have been possible without you and now I have the drive and tools to keep on going."  Kelley Nimos

"I had hurt my shoulder playing golf to such an extent I was unable to fully rotate my shoulder resulting in a very poor swing. I did try some session with massage which offered temporary relief did not solve my problem. 

It was suggested to try Margo at Margospt and I decided to give it a go, she started me on a series of routines which initially left me in discomfort but I began to feel an improvement in the amount of movement I had in the shoulder.

She also explained the technical side of what she was doing and gave me a list of exercises to do at home which I did. Gradually over the next couple of weeks my shoulder became stronger and I was able to have full rotation.

I would recommend Margo for the way she helped me and for the dietary advice she also gave."  Jack H

"Every year around summer time I tell myself I will be trim and fit, this year I decided to actually do something. 

At 56 years of age and a smoker in a high stress job it wasn't going to be easy, and that I would need help.

So I called in to Margospt in seaford, I explained what I wanted to achieve, margospt recommended the Paradigm and the hard yards began, I needed to be commit 110% for my own good.

That was 4 months ago now, ive lost weight trimmed up and are fitter and bounce through the day feeling like a new man, I get compliments from friends and family and feel great.

Sure it was hard work, but well worth the effort. Margospt encouraged me to eat healthier and my blood pressure and health in general have improved remarkably.

Best thing I did was to stop talking about it and do something"  Peter C

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