Why PT 4 Hard Core?

  • Motivation
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stress buster
  • Overcome plateaus
  • Health benefits
  • Mental health
  • Injury prevention
  • Invest in yourself

When You Want More...

  • Bootcamps
  • White tissue training
  • HIIT
  • Sport specific enhancement
  • Event specific training

Why MargosPT?

  • Motivation when you need it!
  • Learn & maintain correct form
  • Safe, supportive environment
  • Take it to the next level

hardcore personal training

Hard Core? Want More!

hard core abs

When You Want More...
Some or you out there yearn for that extra push and burn.  Your fast and fit, but board.  Dont worry there is still someone out there who can make you cry.  We'll push you to get that little bit extra. 

If you want to take your workout to the next level Hard Core is for you! 

If you are looking for sport specific enhancement, Hard Core is for you.  Our sport specific training is fantastic to help you go the extra mile for all sports including football, basketball, netball, tennis, running or any other sport. 

MargosPT is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and training goals.  Our personal training mentoring is focused on helping you challenge yourself while achieving correct form and training techniques.

We help you understand training concepts during your evolution to attaining your health and fitness goals.  We believe that it is important to communicate the how and why of everything we do, in order to help you get the most from your training.


What's Stopping You?

personal trainer running

Are You Ready?
Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

Have you hit a plateu in your training or weight loss?  Not sure how to prepare for a special event?  Time to get ready for the next season?  What to do?  Have you been putting it off?

Don't put it off anymore!  We are here to help you continue on your amazing journey, maybe even find some new paths to follow!