Why PT 4 Beginners?

  • Motivation
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Stress buster
  • Overcome plateaus
  • Health benefits
  • Mental health
  • Injury prevention
  • Invest in yourself

Health Benefits

  • Healthy bones, muscles & joints
  • Reduce risk of high blood pressure
  • Control weight
  • Psychological wellbeing


  • Motivation when you need it!
  • Learn & maintain correct form
  • Safe, supportive environment
  • Build confidence

mature woman exercising

Starting Out!

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The First Step
Take the fear out of starting out.  Build confidence in yourself and your abilitiy.

MargosPT provides coaching and guidance to start you off.  We take care of the how to begin, where to start and what to do.  We personalise it by providing a progrm not just for a beginner, but for you and your needs. 

Before you know it you'll be reaching goals.

Regular exercise develops your own personal armour that fights:

It is always scary taking the first step.  The first step to getting fit is good coaching and guidance to get started.  MargosPT is dedicated to helping you build confidence in a safe and supported environment.  Our personal training mentoring is focused on helping you develop correct form and training techniques.

We help you understand training concepts during your evolution to attaining your health and fitness goals.  We believe that it is important to communicate the how and why of everything we do, in order to help reduce any anxiety in taking the first step.


What's Stopping You?

personal trainer client

Are You Ready?
Are you prepared to alter your lifestyle and do something about your health and fitness?

Have you ever wondered how to begin?  Where to start?  How to start?  What to do?  Have you been putting it off?

Don't put it off anymore!  We are here to help you start on this amazing journey!  The focus is on you and your ability to take you from where you are now with a program to where you want to be.

Did you Know?

62% of Australians over the age of 18 are overweight, yet less than 30% of Australians exercise sufficiently to gain health benefits.  Fewer than 10% belong to a health club. (Australian Bureau of Statistics Nation Health Survey 2008).  Despite this, 97% of adults agree that exercise is vital to their physical and mental health.

Are you prepared to alter your llifestyle and do something about it?

Change your thinking about exercise!

Injury can impact on work and family lives, yet a lack of physical health can lead to injury and illness.  Training in a supportive and safe environment can help you reduce or avoid injury.

Is time a factor?  How much time do you spend on exercise now? Exercise can be cumulative - we can work it within your schedule.

Lack Motivation?  Many adults enjoy fitness.  Exercise should be a part of your life so you can enjoy your life.

What to do?  Is your barrier for exercise that you find it boring or fear the unknown.  That's why we are here!

Emabarrased?  Think you don't fit the image of a fitness culture, or have low self esteem. We're not into that.  We're here to help you gain confidence.

Practice under supervision and stay safe!!